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NESTORE: Novel Empowering Solutions and Technologies for Older people to Retain Everyday life activities



NESTORE conforms to all ethical and legal requirements on: autonomy and informed consent; beneficence and justice; privacy, confidentiality and data protection; safety and wellbeing of participants.

All research works was conducted in accordance to the relevant Conventions, Codes of Practices and national legislations that apply to research and data management. The project undertook the proper risk assessments regarding participants’ participation and the use of their personal data so the necessary measures were deployed in conformity with the latest European regulation on data protection.

The project research activities were reviewed by the entitled research ethics committees of the consortium to assure (1) the highest level of protection for people participating in the project, and (2) the best research and innovation strategies.

Among the leverage of the NESTORE project on ethics, please read: Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)